GAMMA PHOTOFORUM is a group of around 35 enthusiast and professional photographers formed by Wilf Hall in 1981.

The aims of GAMMA are to:-
Cultivate an informed perception of the photographic image.
Meet the need for a higher level of informed dialogue by those whose photographic skills are already of a proficient standard.
Be educational in concept and endeavour to seek out those speakers, events or visits likely to contribute to a wider understanding of the medium.
Offer learning by discussion. Members are encouraged to participate in debate and comment on the speakers’ work and views.
Be non competitive within its own ranks, yet support members’ own exhibition projects.
Be uniquely individual in that it does not replace any other photographic organisation, group or society. It is a source of supplementary education for those independent photographers who wish to continue extending their photographic horizons.

GAMMA is a valuable source of photographic education, is non profit making and its activities are specifically aimed at providing inspiration for the committed photographer.
Membership is by invitation and is expected to be granted only to those photographers with a high level of commitment who have proved themselves in the practice or promotion of photography through exhibitions, publications or the production of new ideas in image creation and presentation.
Members are expected to make presentations of work, either in finished or work in progress format, at least once every two years. During such presentations other members will seek to discuss the work in a friendly and constructive manner as part of the learning, development and mutual support process.